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Tamara is a supportive energy that fulfills our living in any situation. It encourages us to progress towards positivity.

By receiving Tamara Energy Activation, this extremely subtle energy will spread entirely into your being to become your own energy. When you are making an effort or hoping to achieve something, it will naturally support your positive actions without any intentions.

When Tamara combines with you, your thinking and actions will become more positive.

It will then liberate your true character and actualize your innate abilities. When you are trying to be strong or willing to strive for the best, Tamara supports to boost your feelings and empowers motivations.

We strongly believe that Tamara is a great “gift” to support you throughout your life as guidance to the life you desire.


“Tamara” Noriko Kato

Mrs.Kato, born in 1949, was a Reiki Master since 1997 and gave attunement to over 100 people.

Since many opinions and views that her energy was different from Reiki, she already understood herself, she was using her own energy.

So she renamed to Tamara and began developing her own style of healing and energywork, named “Tamara Healing”, in 2000.

Through this process, she realized that her energy has a positive effect on people’s minds and bodies which helps them fulfill the aspirations of their own.

She also gained the ability to foresee people’s past lives and futures.

Tamara Healing gradually became popular in many parts of the world, and the non-profit organization Tamara Association was founded in 2009.

Since then, Tamara has been trying to reach out to more people worldwide through events and workshops.

We humbly believe that by reaching as many people as possible and spreading Tamara Energy –a life supporting energy– we will be able to maintain a harmony with everything that surrounds us, thus sustaining a vibrant Earth and vibrant society for many generations.


Tamara Energy Activation

For those who wish to activate Tamara Energy, please contact us for available dates and more information. The activation fee, which will vary by your country’s currency, does not include our transportation fee. For an outside of exhibition setting, please pay our transportation fee.

How to Order:
  1. 1.Please register online, or contact through an instructor, or send an e-mail to

  2. 2.Please inform us of your desired dates.

  3. 3.We will contact you as soon as we go through your information.

Registration on Tamara Association

When a recipient had attended to Tamara Energy Activation,
s / he will be automatically registered as a member of Tamara Association.

  1. 1.We will send a license to acknowledge the recipient as a practitioner.

  2. 2.A practitioner will receive a constant updates from Japan.

  3. 3.The recipient may also receive the monthly Tamara Association Mail-magazine as well as the Tamara Association Magazine (in Japanese) four times a year.

The member’s private information will be protected under the privacy law to preserve the privacy rights of individuals.


Member’s denomination


◆Tamara Practitioner

A denomination of the person who has received a Tamara Energy Activation.
“The one who practice Tamara.”


◆Tamara Advanced Practitioner

Those who practice the will to spread Tamara for every person.
Ones who apply Tamara for their job.
A registration is needed to be licensed as a Tamara Advanced Practitioner.
A practitioner will need to understand and practice Tamara for a year before s/he will register.
Please contact for more information on examination and examination fee.



A person who is responsible to spread Tamara.
An instructor will be able to conduct a Tamara Energy Activation, will conduct workshops and practices to fully understand Tamara.
Please contact for more information on examination and examination fee.


For those who wish to present an exhibition or workshop:

Tamara Association exhibits overseas on a regular basis.
For those who wish to exhibit or exhibit in the same event, please contact for more information.
We appreciate very much to receive new information and news about upcoming exhibitions.


For those who wish to register for an upcoming workshop:

You can either register online through our website, or you can contact directly to our office.
We will update you later to confirm your registration status.
Please deposit the registration fee to our bank account in Japan, no later than four days before the workshop. For overseas payment, you may pay us at the site. In case of registering through e-mail, Telephone or FAX, please have the following information.

  1. 1.The date of the workshop

  2. 2.The name of the workshop

  3. 3.Your full name (and other’s full name in case of many)

  4. 4.Your contact information (one that is also reachable on the day of the workshop)


Change of registered information:

When there is a change in your private information, please either fill out the contact form in our website, or send a e-mail to
We will inform our schedule to visit overseas, so please inform us in advance for address, e-mail address and telephone number change.


Support Member:

We are requesting a support member.
For those who wish to support our activity and wish to join the membership, please let us know.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions.
Contact information:

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